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Black & Decker Food Steamer Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 5 Black & Decker Food Steamer models

Model HS90 (37 parts)


Model HS2000-04 TYPE 1 (5 parts)


Model HS80 (37 parts)


Model HS2000 TYPE 1 (5 parts)


Model HS95 (37 parts)


Black & Decker food steamers make it simple to create delicious dinners for your family the healthy way, using steam instead of oil. Various sizes and versatile options let you pick the model that fits your needs, from steaming vegetables to making rice using just heat and water.

Healthier Cooking Option

Steaming foods preserves nutrients for a healthier result than cooking in butter or oil or choosing processed vegetables to heat from the can. With a Black & Decker food steamer, you can preserve the fresh taste of farmers market produce at the touch of a button. Switch out water with broth, juice or wine to add flavor without the guilt.

Multiple Sizes

Black & Decker food steamers are available in multiple sizes, so you can serve yourself or cook for a crowd. Choose the 6-cup steamer/rice cooker to create sides of rice or vegetables for your family. The unit features a clear tempered-glass lid to prevent overcooking and a warming mode that's perfect for serving. Use the extra-large Black & Decker 7-quart steamer for large group gatherings or main dishes.

Versatile Uses

Many of Black & Decker's units come with food steamer parts that give you increased utility in your kitchen. Egg nesting baskets add ease to cooking breakfast, and the multiple-sized included steamer baskets let you quickly steam shellfish or larger vegetables, such as broccoli florets.

Black & Decker food steamers are constructed for daily use in your kitchen, but sometimes you might find you need additional parts or accessories, and Sears PartsDirect stocks a wide range. For help in selecting the right accessories, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.