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Atari Computer Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 1 Atari Computer models

Model 400 (42 parts)


Atari computers once led the push to comprehensive home gaming and word processing solutions. Many of these durable machines continue to deliver the same performance, ease of use and simple maintenance that once made them a forerunner for advancements in home computing technology.

Easy-to-Use Cartridge Chamber

Most Atari computers have a simple cartridge chamber that allows users to slide games and computer programs in and out with ease. This simple design ensures a snug and secure fit, keeping the cartridge in place during operation. The cartridge chambers often feature additional tabs or covers that reduce maintenance by keeping excess dust and debris out of the system. Some cartridges also lock in place to prevent accidental removal during operation.

Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard

Many computers from Atari, including the Atari 400 and Atari 800 models, come with an integrated pressure-sensitive keyboard. This keyboard prevents keys from sticking and reduces the likelihood of potential mechanical errors by combining the keys into a single platform with no spaces between them. The pressure-sensitive design ensures accurate responses from the keys, making them usable by fingers of almost any size.

Wipe-Clean Design

Many Atari computer parts were manufactured with small children in mind, and the durable cases of the Atari 400 and similar systems attest to its child-friendly design. The materials and surfaces used for the keyboard, door assembly and covers wipe clean, making it easy to remove dirt and dust or food from the system's exterior.

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