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Alliance Washer/dryer Combo Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 7 Alliance Washer/dryer Combo models

Model ATGE9AGP113TW01 (343 parts)


Model ATEE9AGP173TW01 (343 parts)


Model ATE50FGP171TW01 (333 parts)


Model ATG50FGP111TW01 (333 parts)


Model CTSA7AWN (333 parts)


Model CTSA9AWN (333 parts)


Model CTSA7AWN1500 (333 parts)


Alliance washer and dryer combination appliances help keep your clothes clean and fresh during your busy life. These appliances remove the hard work from washing and drying clothes, leaving you free to enjoy your family and your hobbies. With a variety of models to choose from, you can pick the ideal piece to fit your home.

Take Up Less Floor Space

All in one washer-dryer appliances from Alliance include a washer and dryer stacked on top of one another. This design reduces the amount of floor space you need to install the piece without eliminating one appliance from the home. The smaller floor space requirement provides added versatility in placement as long as the area has enough vertical space and is ideal for small apartments.

Specialized Sections

Rather than a single section performing both duties, these washer dryer combo appliances have separate drums and mechanics for washing and drying. This specialization ensures your clothes get washed and dried properly without putting unnecessary strain on the appliances. Since the sections have a specific job, they are also more likely to last longer.

Detailed Diagrams and Help Available

Sears PartsDirect offers a range of support options for Alliance appliances. Detailed diagrams help you find the precise part you need to fix unexpected issues, so you can more easily handle any needed repairs. Help is standing by via online chat or phone to ensure you do any repairs correctly, allowing the appliance to continue working for years to come.

Keep your Alliance washer and dryer combo in prime working condition with the large selection of parts available through Sears PartsDirect. To find the parts you need, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.