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Akai Television Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 2 Akai Television models

Model PDP4290 (58 parts)



Model PT4298HD (117 parts)

Projection/digital 42" and above


With stunning color and crisp, clear pictures, Akai televisions bring your favorite movies and TV shows right to your living room in stunning HD format. With wide viewing angles applicable for any installation configurations, these plug-and-play televisions are simple for anyone to set up and bring hours of enjoyment to the whole family.

Simple Configuration

Many Akai televisions include a 160-degree viewing angle, allowing for different types of configurations during installation. Also, VGA and HDMI ports are included on the monitor, so you can seamlessly stream and enjoy music and movies from your laptop or other device. With a high luminance display, many different analog and digital programs can be viewed with stunning picture quality.

Accessories and Improvements

To enjoy an Akai television even more, consumers may want to purchase a universal remote that tirelessly connects to their Blu-ray, DVD player, or cable box, or purchase accessories such as wall mounts to view their television in true cinema fashion. An Akai should require very little in the way of television repair parts, but with prolonged use, a replacement cord or remote may be needed.

Repair Help is Possible

Even the best television sets experience wear and tear with continued use. TV repair parts and repair help are available for Akai television owners. If your television needs some troubleshooting and you need outside help, search Sears PartsDirect's extensive catalog of replacement parts.

Your Akai television provides everyday entertainment and enjoyment for both you and your family. Keep it in top shape with regular maintenance and by purchasing replacement parts when needed. To learn more about repair and maintenance, choose your Akai television model from the list above, click the chat button, or call Sears PartsDirect at 1-800-252-1698.