Model #WEU-516 Modern Maid ranges, electric

  • (acu-516a) (hcu-516a) (wcu-516a) (aeu-516a) (heu-516a) (weu-516a) (acu-514c) (ccu-514c) (hcu-514c) (wcu-514c) (acu-516c) (ccu-516c)
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  • (acu-514) (ccu-514) (hcu-514) (wcu-514) (acu-516) (ccu-516) (hcu-516) (wcu-516) (aeu-516) (ceu-516) (heu-516) (weu-516)
    3 Results
  • Cabinet Section (acu-514) (ccu-514) (hcu-514) (wcu-514) (acu-516) (ccu-516) (hcu-516) (wcu-516) (aeu-516) (ceu-516) (heu-516) (weu-516)
    3 Results
  • Range Top Section (acu-514) (ccu-514) (hcu-514) (wcu-514) (acu-516) (ccu-516) (hcu-516) (wcu-516) (aeu-516) (ceu-516) (heu-516) (weu-516)
    3 Results
  • Standard Back Rail (acu-514) (ccu-514) (hcu-514) (wcu-514) (acu-516) (ccu-516) (hcu-516) (wcu-516) (aeu-516) (ceu-516) (heu-516) (weu-516)
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  • Oven Door (acu-516) (ccu-516) (hcu-516) (wcu-516) (aeu-516) (ceu-516) (heu-516) (weu-516)
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  • Oven Door (acu-514) (ccu-514) (hcu-514) (wcu-514)
    3 Results

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Can I get the Owner's Manual for LG800 Tracfone?


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

I see that the first responder Yadira B provided a link to the Owner's manual.

I hope this is helpful. If I may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post. 

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
July 03, 2013