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What can cause my transmission to not spin on my GE washer?


There is a possibility of a garment being jammed between the spin basket and tub. Most likely it's an issue with the tub bearing (key#309). I assume you were rotating the transmission pulley in the clockwise (CW) direction which should cause the internal brake to release and the transmission assembly should rotate clockwise with ease. If you were trying to rotate the transmission assembly by hand rather than by the transmission pulley it would be rather difficult to rotate because the brake would not be released. In order for the brake to release the transmission pulley must be rotated in the spin direction.

If you do not find any garment between the basket and tub I recommend removing and cleaning the tub bearing. If the tub bearing was not the cause, most likely the transmission is not releasing the brake and the transmission will need to be replaced. NOTE: Be sure to replace the tub seal (key#311) before reinstalling the basket. You will need a hub nut wrench part# PROFILE HUB NUT WRENCH 1 11/16 " P/N WX05X1325 to remove the hub nut (key#325).

Once you have removed the tub inspect the tub bearing (key#309) for being gummed up. Clean it with some WD-40 to remove any scum or material causing the excess friction between it and the spin tube.

I added images with the instructions on how to remove the basket and transmission.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
August 19, 2008

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