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Why will my front load washer agitate but not spin?


The M65 does not tell me enough about your washer for me to know the model that your have. I would need a model number to access technical information and provide troubleshooting that would help you.

Here are some general tips that may help:

  • Since the washer is not filling, I recommend checking the water supply faucets behind the washer to make sure that they are turned on.
  • Check the supply hoses for kinks.
  • Turn the supply faucets off and disconnect the fill hoses from the back of the washer. Check the inlet water screens for debris or deposits. Clean them if necessary. Be sure to flush this area before replacing the screens to keep debris from entering the inlet water valves. Debris can foul the valves and keep them from working properly.
  • While the hoses are still disconnected, place the ends of the hoses in a bucket and briefly turn on the supply faucets to check the pressure and flow from the supply hoses. Check the hoses for clogs or restrictions if necessary. If you are not getting properly pressure and water flow from the supply faucets, you will need to call a plumber to fix this type of problem.
  • Most Kenmore front load washers will stop and flash an error code if the washer does not fill properly. It will also signal a fault code if the washer will not spin. If the washer does not have a digital display, then the fault code is usually signaled by a pattern of blinking lights on the control. Look for a fault code when the washer is not filling or spinning.
For more specific help, resubmit your question with the full model number of your washer and additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician