Model #TGF362BBBA Tappan free standing, gas

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Question and Answers


Tappan Pro Design gas range, model number TGF362BBBA, oven will not come on.


Check to see if the broil function works. If the broiler does not work, then you could have the oven service cut-off valve on the pressure regulator in the "off" position. That oven service cut-off valve tab is shown in the image below. Check that issue if necessary. Opening that valve tab may fix your problem.

Check to see if the bake igniter is glowing when you have the oven set in the bake mode. Check the broil igniter to see if it is glowing in the broil mode. If the igniters are glowing but the burners will not light, then you could have weak igniters. Here is a link for a brief video that explains the theory of operation for that ignition system in your range: Gas Ignition Operation . Even though the igniter was recently replaced, it could be weak.

If the igniters will not glow at all, then you could have a problem with the electronic control board, the wiring or the safety gas valve. Your details seem to indicate that you may be having trouble setting the control in the bake mode. If the control is not working properly, then it will need to be replaced.

You can order parts from this page: Tappan Range Model TGF362BBBA Parts . Be sure that you unplug the range and shut off the gas supply before accessing internal components and replacing parts.

If you need more help, reply with additional details.

If you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: Sears Home Services .

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
December 07, 2012

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