Model #SXD22S2E-P1303503WE Amana side-by-side refrigerator

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Question and Answers




If the ice maker is working and still producing ice then this indicates that the water supply going to that water valve is okay. 


If the ice maker is not producing any ice because it won't fill with water, then you could have a problem with the water supply or that water supply line. To remove that copper water supply line, you should be able to unscrew the small brass coupling nut until it is completely loose and can be pulled up along the copper water line slightly. Note: Be sure that you shut off the water supply to the refrigerator before loosening that nut and removing the water line. 


Once that brass nut is completely loose, you should be able to pull that copper water line off of the inlet water valve. There could be some hard water deposits that have built up on that connection. You may have to tap the copper water line to break it free.


You may find debris or deposits that are clogging the inlet screen on the coupler for that valve. If that is what you find, I recommend that you replace that water valve assembly (part D7742204). You can order that part from this page: Inlet Water Valve Part D7742204.


Note: Use some Teflon tape to seal the water line fittings when connecting the water lines to that valve.


If the water supply is okay and the ice maker works, then you may have a problem with the solenoid coil on the inlet water valve assembly for that dispenser system. In that situation, you will need to replace the inlet water valve assembly.


There is a chance that you could have a wiring failure or a problem with the dispenser system on the on front of the freezer door that is causing this failure. Reply with additional details if you need more help diagnosing and repairing this failure.


If you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: Sears Home Services Refrigerator Repair. 

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
May 01, 2013