Model #SW5L40D Edgestar laundry centers/combos

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No heat with Edgestar washer/dryer combo CW1210V or Model SW5L40


I don't have technical information on this model of washer/dryer combo. I have the parts list diagram and a wiring diagram and that is the extent of information available to me. It appears that you can access the heating element for the dryer by unplugging the unit and removing the top panel. Before replacing that element, you can check the resistance through the element to see if it is good. Remove at least one wire from the element and measure the resistance across the leads of the element with a volt/ohm meter. If you get a resistance reading between 5 and 40 ohms then the heating element should likely be heating and may be okay. If you read Ol (open load or infinite resistance) then the element is definitely bad and will need to be replaced. That is the only suggestion that I have regarding this repair. If the heating element is okay, you could have a bad timer, a failed thermostat (there are several in the circuit) or a wiring failure that would prevent the element from heating. I recommend that you have service technician diagnose and repair this problem if the above tips don't help.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
August 09, 2010