Model #SRD2900 Sylvania dvd/vcr combo

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Why doesn’t my remote work on my DVD/CR combo?


If the remote is working fine then it has to be either the receiver or something in the environment interfering with it. It is hard to determine whether the remote is working correct but if it is your second remote then we should assume it’s not the problem. One thing that can cause interference is fluorescent lighting. The ballast used to drive the lamp can cause noise in the range of the remote control. This is something that a repair shop would miss because they would get the unit in, try it out, and it would work fine without the interference. Try moving it to another room and seeing if it works. If not then it could be the unit itself. The signal from the remote is received by a component in the unit, and it can go bad as well. You would have to take it in to get repaired if that’s the case. Other than moving the unit to another room, you could check the remote on your own by holding it up to a digital camera or camcorder with a preview window. The light emitted by the diode is invisible to the human eye but caught by the camera. If it lights up then we at least know the remote is sending a signal.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
April 09, 2009