Model #SF315PEKB1 Whirlpool free standing, gas

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Question and Answers


Why won't my oven heat up to the set temperature?


The problem with the oven temperature not matching the set temperature could be caused by a bad temperature sensor or a control board problem. You can check the resistance of the temperature sensor with a volt/ohm meter. Unplug the range and remove the temperature sensor from the inside of the oven. Remove the screws that mount it in the back of the oven and carefully pull it into the oven cavity until you encounter wire harness disconnect plug. Unplug the sensor and check the resistance using the volt/ohm meter. At room temperature, the sensor probe should measure about 1080 ohms. If the temperature probe resistance is okay, I recommend checking the resistance through the wire circuit from the control board. The wiring diagram for this range is shown in the image below. The sensor circuit is connected to the control board through the violet wires. With the range still unplugged but the sensor plugged back in, measure the resistance through the violet wires that connect to the control board. You should measure the same 1080 ohms. If you do not get the same resistance, then a wire harness problem is causing a problem with the sensor. You will likely need to replace the wire harness in this situation.

If the reading is okay at the control board, then you could have a bad electronic oven control board. You could also have a problem with the igniter that might prevent the oven from getting up to temperature. I provided the basic theory of operation for a glow bar igniter in the second image below. If the igniter glows but the resistance does not decrease to the point where enough current will flow through the gas valve so that it will open, you could have an intermittent problem with the burner igniting that would cause your temperature problem. This would also prevent the oven from heating at all as you also described in your details. In this situation, replacing the igniter will likely solve your oven problem.

You can view a parts list diagram and order parts on the Sears PartsDirect website. (Use model number SF315PEKB1 to access the parts -- I changed the second letter "S" to a number "5" in your details to accurately reflect the valid model number).

These tips may help you determine the cause of your oven problem and fix it. If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
November 05, 2009

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