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What would cause our Whirlpool gas dryer to begin heating and then quit?


I do not have enough details to fully understand the symptom. The flame is supposed to cycle off once it reaches the operating temperature and then come back on once the temperature drops and the operating thermostat closes. If you have restriction in the venting system it can also cause the flame shut off before reaching the operating temperature too. For testing only: Disconnect the vent hose from the back of the dryer and then start the dryer to see how long the flame stays on. NOTE: Do no leave the door open while running or the flame will also cycle off quickly.

Remove the little square plastic inspection cover located below the left side of the door. Start the dryer and watch the glow bar ignitor. It should glow red hot and then you should hear a faint click and then see the burner ignite. This should happen each time the dryer calls for heat. When the operating thermostat cools down and re-closes, the glow bar ignitor should begin glowing red again. The glow bar ignitor must get hot enough and pull enough current to cause the flame sensor to open. At the instant the flame sensor opens, the ignitor starts fading off and the gas valve should open and the gas should ignite from the glow bar ignitor which is on its way cooling back off. If you find the ignitor glowing red and then fading off without any burner ignition would indicate weak solenoid coils on the gas valve. Replace both coils on the gas valve assembly and your dryer should operate normally again.

To access the coils, remove the lint filter and remove the two (2) screws that were hidden under the lint filter. Place a putty knife between where the top meets the front panel about 4 inches inwards from the corners and push in while lifting that corner. There is spring clip near each corner that must be released in order to raise the top. Once the top is hinged open, remove the screw securing the front panel to each side panel, tilt the top of the front panel outwards a little and disconnect the door switch connector. Lift the front panel up and off to access the burner assembly and coils. The coils are easily removed and replaced by removing the bracket and disconnecting the coils.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dryer.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
August 06, 2009