Model #RCC3024RT00 Whirlpool counter unit electric

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ordered a new ceramic whirlpool cook-top. Need the bumper gasket that is between the cooktop and the counter-top that it rests on! does it come with the new top


The foam tape that you are describing came with the installation package for the cook top. It does not have a replacement part number. You can buy an adhesive foam tape at your local hardware store that will work on the edge of this cook top. Since it is a glass cook top, the foam was just a regular type of adhesive foam tape and was not a high temperature rated tape since high heat will not radiate that far to the sides of the cook top. A single sided foam tape would work best. If you can’t find a single sided adhesive tape, you could use a double sided adhesive tape and not peel off the side that rests on top of the counter.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
September 07, 2010