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What is the reason for having a dishwasher drain hose lifted to the height of the dishwasher before it is routed to a drain pipe?


Having the drain hose routed up and looped around and back down serves two purposes:

  1. Prevents waste water from flowing back towards the dishwasher in case the one way check valve was to stick open.
  2. Prevents the water in the dishwasher from draining out by gravity.

The dishwasher should have come with the drain hose already looped on the left side of the tub. It should not have been taken down in order to gain some drain hose length. See image below.

Since your dishwasher drain hose is lying flat on the floor and down through the floor, the water in the tub very well could be gravity draining causing a lack of water or no water in the tub. The dishwasher is not going to clean without water in the tub.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
January 21, 2010

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