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How can I improve my dark scenes on my Plasma TV?


Your screen might be too dark. The key adjustments here are contrast and brightness. The edge over LCD that a Plasma has is its contrast ratio. The blacks just look blacker on a Plasma TV because of how the screen is illuminated. The problem you seem to have is that the blacks are so strong that you cannot differentiate. The key adjustments are contrast and brightness in the video menu. Since I cannot see your TV, I am assuming that it is normal, just not satisfactory. There is the possibility that I do no understand the situation and there is something wrong with your TV. I think that you should be able to correct the settings enough to get a better picture since you only seem to have a problem with the actual blacks. If there was a problem with the TV, the entire image would seem dimmer than it should be. I Googled "calibrate your HDTV" and found this article here from Popular Mechanics. The fourth paragraph with information from Mark Schubin gives a good guide of which setting to start with and what you are looking for while adjusting.

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David A. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
August 31, 2009