Model #NTL16920 Nordictrack treadmill

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variable speed and sudden stopping


Thank you for your question on the Nordic Track Treadmill.

If this treadmill is under warranty please call the Nordic Track consumers help line.

If it is not under warranty it sounds like there is extra drag on the belt and it will cause the motor controller to compensate and then it will shut down on thermal overload and will not come back on until it cools off.

Do the instructions for your treadmill say that you much lube the belt periodically?

If it does then that could be the problem.

Check to make sure the walking belt is aligned in the center of the deck and is not too tight on the rollers.

Look at the video's to see if it can help you.

Here is a link to Nordic Track troubleshooting and videos.

Nordic Track .

I hope some of these suggestions will help.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
December 05, 2011