Model #MVWC400XW3 Maytag residential washers

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May tag washer Mvwc400xw3


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.
After replacing the control board, the washer must be calibrated. Follow the steps below to start the calibration mode. After it completes the calibration mode then see how the washer operates. If it continues to not operate correctly, see information below the calibration mode.
IMPORTANT: Calibration must be performed when any of the following components have been replaced: Main Control, Basket, Drive Assembly, Motor, and Capacitor. Not performing calibration will result in poor wash performance.
1. Be sure the washer is in standby mode (plugged in with all indicators off).
2. Perform the following sequence of movement using the cycle selector knob.
NOTE: AFTER RESET, sequence "a" through
"e" must be completed within 6 seconds.
RESET - Rotate cycle selector knob counterclockwise to clear sequence.
a. Rotate cycle selector knob clockwise one click and wait ½ second.
b. Rotate cycle selector knob clockwise one click and wait ½ second.
c. Rotate cycle selector knob clockwise one click and wait ½ second.
d. Rotate cycle selector knob counterclockwise one click and wait ½ second.
e. Rotate cycle selector knob clockwise one click.
Successful activation of this test mode will be indicated by all status LED’s flashing ON and OFF in half-second
To access Calibration Mode, perform steps 1 and 2 of Activating the Service Diagnostic Modes. Turn the cycle selector knob until the status LED’s or display correspond as follows:
"Rinse" LED On, “ 04” Displayed on 7-segment
Sensing Soak Wash Rinse Spin Done
Press the STARTbutton to begin washer calibration.
Lid must be down to perform test.
Basket must be empty to perform test (no water or clothes).
Calibration cycle runs for approximately 2-3 minutes. Cycle completes when door unlocks and washer enters standby mode.
Do NOT interrupt calibration, disturb washer, remove power, or press POWER button; otherwise, calibration must be repeated.

If calibrating does not help, disconnect the fill hose and unplug the washer and lay it carefully on its front. Under the center of the washer is a mechanism called a splutch. The splutch or shifter is likely causing the issues.

The splutch assembly is located above the large trasmission pulley. The splutch is made up of five parts; a spring, housing, cam ring, basket drive gear and pulley. The pulley is connected to the agitator through the agitator shaft. The agitator always moves with the pulley. The basket drive gear is connected to the basket by the inner splines contacting the outer splines of the transmission. The cam ring raises and lowers the basket drive gear. When the basket drive gear teeth are engaged to the pulley teeth the basket will spin along with the agitator.
There is also an actuator (shifter) that serves several functions. It has a synchronous motor that shifts the splutch slider and monitors the position of the splutch. It also houses a transmission speed/position optical sensor. If the cam ring is not moving up and down freely and is sticking, it will not spin. Inspect the shifter and the splutch for any damaged pieces. Also make sure the cam ring moves up and down without sticking.
If it continues to not operate correctly, I strongly suggest calling a servce technician to properly diagnose and repair your washer.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
May 16, 2014