Model #MUY-GE12NA Mitsubishi air-conditioner/heat pump(outside unit)

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The blades on muy Sears riding mower will not shut off. I replaced the safety switch. Appears to be locked engaged. Turning on-off is fine


Park the mower on a level area. Engage the brake and don't start the engine. Lower the deck to the lowest position.

Get someone to engage and disengage the deck while you watch the idler pulley. When the deck is engaged, the cable clutch should pull the idler arm to the rear of the deck and cause the belt to get tight. When the deck is disengaged, The spring on the deck pulls the idler arm toward the front of the deck causing the belt to be loose.

Move the idler pulley with your hand, it is probably hard to move and needs cleaning.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
May 20, 2010