Model #MGR5745ADW Maytag free standing, gas

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Why does my gas oven actually reach 425 degrees when I set it to 350 degrees?


Make sure that you are allowing proper time for the range to preheat before checking the actual temperature compared to the set temperature. The range will typically overshoot the set temperature and then cycle above and below the set temperature during the bake cycle. The initial overshoot of temperature during preheat may be higher then it will be after the oven is preheated. A technician will normal use a precision thermometer and take an average temperature after the oven is preheated and has cycled on and off at least 5 times. If the oven is heating to the proper temperature using this method of measurement then it is working properly. I recommend that you check to see if the oven will heat to the proper temperature using this method of measurement. If the oven will not heat properly according to this method of measurement then you could have a problem with the oven temperature sensor probe or the electronic control board. Since the oven heats to the proper temperature at times, it is more likely that you have a control board problem. This type of intermittent problem can be difficult to diagnose and repair. I normally recommend that you have a service technician physically examine the range to fix this type of problem.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
December 17, 2009

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