Model #LS722H Swisher log splitter

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Question and Answers


problems with swlsher log splitter


Thank you for your question on the Swisher log splitter.

If as you say the engine will run if you put fuel down the throat of the carburetor then I would say your carburetor either needs repairing or at least cleaning.

This will happen if the unit was left with gasoline in the carburetor for a period of time and the gas went stale and gummed up the internal parts of the carburetor.

If you feel comfortable with checking the carburetor then please shut the fuel supply off and remove the float bowl on the bottom of the carburetor and clean any ports or holes on the fuel feed tube. If that does not help then you may have to remove the carburetor and have it professionally cleaned.

Please let me know if that fix the problem.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
December 04, 2012

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