Model #LAT2500AAE Maytag residential washers

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Maytag Performa LAT2500AAE


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

If the motor is running during the agitation cycles, and the drive belt is spinning the gear case pulley, then I would have to suspect a faulty gear case.

If the motor will not start after the water pressure switch is satisfied (tub filled), then it likely has a faulty timer or a faulty water level pressure switch.

Now, if there is lid switch issue and the lid switches are not closing when the lid is shut, the motor is not going to operate.

I added an image below of the wiring diagram if needed. 

I hope this is helpful. If I may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post.

 If you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: Sears Home Services.


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Joey S -
Sears Technician
March 13, 2013

Washing machine makes noise when on spin cycle (maytag LAT2500AAE)


Thank you for your question.

I can understand wanting to repair the washer yourself.

Most of the time, this noise is caused by the water seal leaking and washing out the spin bearing.

  • You will need to replace the tub bearing repair kit part number: 6-2040130 and the mounting stem seal kit part number: 6-2095720. Both of these will cost about $ 150.00 for the two kits.

  • You will need to remove the two screws on the bottom of the front panel and then remove the two screws that hold the washer top to the side panels.

  • Then you will need to remove the tub cover.

  • Then you will need to remove the agitator by grasping the bottom and pulling up sharply.

  • Then you will need a spanner wrench remove the top basket nut and remove the basket.

  • Then you will need to locate and remove the Allen screw and remove then use the spanner wrench again to remove the stem kit and the seal is below.

  • This will expose the spin sleeve and replace with the new kit.

If it is not corroded onto the transmission tube you may not have to remove the outer tub to get the bearing sleeve.

The repair kit usually has the instructions.

I hope this will help.

Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
January 27, 2011

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