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KitchenAid KUDR25SHBL1; Press Normal Wash and Start...lights go out and nothing happens. Control Panel or Electronic Control?


Your symptoms seem to indicate that you have a problem with the electronic control board. If you had a stuck button on the key panel or a problem with that keypad, then the light above that button would normally flash. If multiple buttons or a button without a light is stuck, then the Lock-Out light would flash.

I did not find any tests for the keys on that control panel. You can try to start the diagnostic test that is shown in the first image below. As soon as that test is started, all of the console lights will turn on briefly. If some of the console lights do not turn on, then you could have a problem with that console. That may help you determine the cause of this problem.

There is a chance that you have a problem with the wiring or a component such as the water valve that could cause the control to shut off as soon as the cycle is started. I posted the wiring diagram for your dishwasher in the second image. You can shut off the house circuit breaker for the dishwasher and open that console to check the wiring connections on the control board. If you have a volt/ohm meter, you can check the resistance through that fill valve circuit (brown wire to blue/black wire) using a volt/ohm meter. That circuit should have about 700 ohms to 1000 ohms of resistance. You can also check that circuit for resistance to the metal cabinet. Touch one meter probe to the brown wire lead and the other probe to bare metal on the frame of the cabinet. You should measure infinite resistance (or OL -- open load) during that test. If you detect resistance during that test, then you probably have a frayed or broken wire that is shorted out to the metal cabinet in the dishwasher. This information may help you check that issue if you suspect that you have that type of problem.

In this situation, there is no definite way to determine whether your failure is caused by the control panel, the electronic control board or by another component or wiring. You may consider having a service technician examine the dishwasher and repair this failure. Here is a link for the Sears Service website: Sears Home Services .

If I had to guess which component is bad based on your symptoms, I would lean toward that electronic control board.

If you want to fix this problem yourself, you can order parts from this page: KitchenAid Dishwasher Model KUDR25SHBL1 Parts . Be sure that you shut off the house circuit breaker for the dishwasher before accessing internal components.

If you need more help, reply with additional details and we will assist you further.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
September 13, 2012

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