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What does "F2" error code mean on my GE range?


The "F2" fault code indicates an Over Temperature Condition.

  • Door unlocked-oven exceeded 620 degrees
  • Door locked -oven exceeded 930 degrees
  • Door latch unlocked while oven exceeded 620 degrees

  1. If no over temperature conditioned occurred-check all contacts and connections in the oven temperature sensor circuit. Eliminate excessive resistance in the sensor circuit due to increased contact/connector resistance.
  2. If over temperature condition occurred-look for a welded relay contact on bake, broil, or double line break relays. If the relay contact is welded shut, replace the oven control board.
  3. Ensure the door latch stays locked for the duration of the Clean cycle.

Based on your details the oven temperature sensor is likely bad.

The oven temperature sensor will need to be disconnected and tested with an ohm meter. The oven temperature sensor should measure around 1100 ohms of resistance at room temperature. The oven temperature sensor can be located protruding out of the back wall from inside the oven cavity.

The oven sensor is part #WB21T10007. I added a link to Sears Parts Direct with the oven sensor already looked up for you. Click on "Sensor assembly" to open. In order to remove the oven sensor, disconnect power to the range and remove the two screws securing the oven sensor probe from the rear wall inside the oven cavity. Pull the sensor out and disconnect the wires.

I recommend calling a service technician if replacing the oven sensor does not resolve the "F2" fault code.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
September 15, 2009

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