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What are the 3 settings for on the back? HDIM35 Franklin Chef Icemaker


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.
If each one of the cubicles in the evaporator is freezing ice and it all of the ice is dropping during the harvest mode and the unit is shutting off before the ice bin reaches the normal full area, then it could have a faulty ice full probe.

Adjusting the ice cube size will not cause the icemaker to make more ice. It would only increase or decrease the size of the ice.

I recommend removin the grill located below the door and clean the concensor coil first. If you still have problems, I highly recommend calling for service.
Controller box LEDs:
Instructions for LEDs and buttons:
1. Red LED: Ice full indicator light.
When this LED is lit, the ice storage bin is full of ice or there is something between the ice-full sensor in the ice storage bin. The unit will stop making ice. When ice cubes are taken out of the ice storage bin making the ice-full probe free, the red LED will keep flashing for 3 minutes. Then the unit will restart and return to the ice making mode.
2. Green LED: Ice making indicator light.
When this LED is lit, the unit is working in the ice making mode controlled by a temperature probe on the evaporator. When the green LED is flashing, the unit is working in the ice making mode controlled by a fixed timer.
3. Yellow LED: Ice harvest indicator light.
When this LED is lit, the unit is working in the ice harvest mode controlled by ice-full probe .
When green LED and yellow LED is lit, it means the unit is working in the cold preservation stage .
4. Mode button: (Mainly for service.)
When this button is pressed, it can change from ice making mode to ice harvest mode, or from ice harvest mode to ice making mode. You can judge the mode from the status of the green and yellow LEDs.
5. Ice size adjust: Turn the screw clockwise, and the size of individual ice cubes will be larger in the next cycle; the cycle time will be longer. Turn the screw counter clockwise, and the ice size will be smaller in the next cycle.
NOTE: It is not a good idea to adjust the ice size often or for no good reason, because the controller may be damaged.

I highly recommend calling a service technician to properlly diagnose and repair your icemaker.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
June 09, 2014