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Why won’t my water dispenser work?


Here are a few things to check first. The water valve in the back (behind the bottom panel) is the most likely reason for no water flow but it will have to be checked. First, if you hear a humming noise from this valve, when the actuator is pressed, it indicates there is voltage to the valve. To determine if the valve is working, it will have to be taken loose and pulled out, so the water lines going into the cabinet can be accessed. Before doing this, make sure you disconnect power to the refrigerator. Now remove the larger water line from the valve. Water will leak out when you take the line loose. Now reconnect power to the unit and activate the dispenser. If water comes out of the valve under pressure it's OK but if no water comes out and it does make the humming noise, the valve has failed and will need to be replaced. If nothing happens, some voltage checks will need to be made. If water does come out, reconnect the water line and the next check, will be under the freezer door, at the water connection. Remove the water line from the connection under the door (water will leak out) and activate the dispenser again. If water comes out of this fitting, it will indicate the water line in the door is frozen. This line runs in a channel inside the door. It can freeze if the temperature gets to cold (below zero) in the freezer. In this case, set the temperature to a warmer setting. Some models, depending on the serial number, also have a heater kit that can be installed for the dispenser. If no water comes out of the fitting under the door, it indicates that either, the reservoir is frozen or there is a kink in the water tube. The reservoir, which is located behind the crispers, would be the most likely reason. The reservoir can freeze, if air flow inside the cabinet is restricted. In this case, adjust the controls for less air flow to the refrigerator section and the freezer temperature slightly cooler. If you need more assistance, please resubmit your question with more details and please include a complete serial number.

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Landell -
Sears Technician
February 01, 2010