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I have an electric GE Dryer and it has a metal vent pipe from the basement to the outside and also there is a opening to outside like a very small mini blinds t


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

The outside vent cap has louvers that should open when the dryer is started by the air being pushed through the vent hose and the louvers should close when the dryer is not running preventing anything from entering into the vent hose and dryer. If the louvers are not shutting by gravity once the dryer has shut off then I recommend replacing the vent cap with a 4 inch vent cap with a single flapper door. DO NOT put a screen at the end to the vent hose where it would exhaust outside. The screen would trap lint and get stopped up causing drying issues.

As far as the silicone sealant is concerned you should not have any fear in it catching fire or melting. The vent cap is located too far from the dryer plus it will not get hot enough to cause a thermal event. Let the silicone sealant cure/dry per the instructions and then don't worry about a thermal event.

When the manufactures refers to the silicone being "permanent" they mean it won't deteriorate or wear off until it's manually peeled off and removed.

Use the dryer and don't worry about any fire. NOTE: be sure the vent pipe is clear and clean of any lint and be sure the outside louvers open fully and close fully. If you decide to replace the outside vent cap I recommend purchasing and installing the 4 inch style with a single flapper door. When I say 4 inch, it does not mean the size of the pipe the vent hose connects to, it means the size of the gap between the vent hood and the base opening. See images below.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
July 18, 2011