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fuel not reaching carburator


Thank you for your question.

I am sorry you are having a problem with the trimmer. The small fuel line should have the fuel filter attached to the end of it. There should be enough line in the tank that the fuel filter is always submerged in fuel. I have found a video that chows how to install the lines. Click here to watch the video. If the lines are ok and you cannot get fuel to flow to the carburetor I suspect the problem is with the carburetor. You can try to clean the carburetor to see if it helps. Click here to watch a video on how to clean the carburetor. If you cannot get fuel to flow after the cleaning I recommend replacing the carburetor. The parts can be ordered from our parts website: Sears Parts Direct .

I hope this is helpful. If you need further assistance, please reply below with more details.

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Mark T.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
October 23, 2011

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