Model #FWS446GHS0 Frigidaire residential washers

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Why does cold water come in slow but warm water is fine?


The warm water comes in faster than cold water because both cold and hot water valves are open. On cold water setting, only the cold water valve is open. The likely failure is that the water inlet valve on the washer is restricted and most likely will need to be replaced.

To confirm if the water supply is at fault or if the water inlet valve is restricted turn off the Hot and Cold water faucets. Disconnect the two fill hoses from the washer and lay the end of the hoses into the tub. Turn the Hot and Cold water faucets back ON and compare the water flow of the two. If you have good water flow coming out of both hoses, the water inlet valve on the washer will need to be replaced. Part# 134190200 valve can be ordered online at Sears Parts Direct. I added the link below for Sears Parts Direct. Click on Valve,water ,115 v. to open the link.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician