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Question and Answers


Why won't my Frigidaire ice maker fill up with water?


The water inlet valve is the triple solenoid valve so you have already replaced it.

Look closely at the fill tube for the icemaker. If it is full of ice the icemaker can't fill. You can defrost the fill tube with a hair dryer.

If the fill tube is not frozen up, remove the plastic cover from the front of the icemaker. Put a Phillips screwdriver into the screw holding the large gear on and put pressure on it to turn clockwise. You don't have to turn the gear, hold the pressure for 5-10 seconds and the motor will start turning the eject arm. Watch the arm turn and just before it stops it should energize the water fill solenoid on the triple solenoid valve. You should hear the solenoid engage even if it doesn't fill. If it is engaging the solenoid and no water you probably have more ice in the fill tube.

If the solenoid does not engage, the fill switch inside the icemaker is probably bad. It is the switch that runs on the cam.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
September 25, 2008