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What could cause my washer to not spin even though the motor is running?


You did not provide enough details in order for me to know if transmission pulley is rotating or not. If the motor is running and the transmission pulley is turning the transmission has failed or the trunnion is slipping on the spin tube of the transmission and no longer gripping the spin tube in order to spin the basket. I would not be able to know which part may have broken inside the transmission with out taking it apart. We do not repair transmissions, we replace them. Low oil would not likely cause the failure.

I added an image below showing the trunnion (key#16). The trunnion is clamped to the spin tube by two bolts (key#14) and lock plate (key#15). Removing the agitator will gain you access to the trunnion so that you can check the two bolts securing the trunnion to the spin tube. Unscrew the agitator cap and then the stud and lift the agitator up and off.

Resubmit your question with additional details if needed for further information.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician

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