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What size of a hole is in the orifice for a propane heater?


I would need more information to help you with this inquiry. I did not find technical information on a Dearborn heater with model number DVC 2525 2LP with 25000 input. With more information, I can conduct further research for technical information on this heater. A new enhancement in our site allows you to send us a digital picture of the heater. Use that resource if needed. Send a complete description of your heater. Provide any additional model number or serial number information that you can find on the heater.

Some heaters will not have technical information available on the exact size of the orifice for propane or natural gas. If that specification is available, we will research it based on the additional information that you send us.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
November 13, 2008