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Dewalt Emglo compressor not shutting off


Thank you for your question on the DeWalt Emglo air compressor not shutting off.

I am sorry that your DeWalt air compressor will pump up to 125 PSI but will not shut off.

Can you find any air leaking at any of the fittings on the manifold or tank? If you do it may be just enough to cause it to not quite meet the target shut off pressure. Seal any leaks if you found any.

It is possible that the air compressor valves are not completely sealing but usually it will not make it to that high of pressure in the tank with that problem.

I do not think it is the pressure regulator but it could be the pressure switch. Most places do not have any pressure switches but I did find just one let on our site.

Pressure switch for DeWalt Emglo compressor D55155 .

Please let me know what you found to be the problem.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
September 05, 2012