Model #CV624-65578 Kohler engine

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Question and Answers


lawn Tractor won't run good at fill throttle


Thank you for your question on the engine on your lawn tractor hunting on full throttle.

Yes it could be the fuel pump because the engine sounds like its starving for fuel at full throttle.

Since you have already cleaned the carburetor we are going to assume that is not the problem. When you had the carburetor off did you thoroughly clean the orifice port on the pick up tube inside the bowl of the carburetor?

You will also need to check the anti-backfire fuel solenoid to make sure it is opening all the way when you turn the key on. Check the plunger to make sure it is operating freely.

If you put the throttle to the choke position does it stop hunting?

If it does not then yes the fuel pump is a good possibility.

Also check the crank case breather assembly on the side of the block to make sure it is clean working correctly.

You may have to take it out of the engine and use some solvent to make sure is it clean on the inside and is working. The fuel pump works on the pulse of the crankcase pressure and suction as the piston goes up and down to operate the diaphragm in the fuel pump.

Fuel pump for Kohler engine CV624 .

Please let me know what you find out to be the problem.

Sam A.

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Sam A -
Sears Technician
July 28, 2012