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Question and Answers


How do I flush the ice maker system and the tank inside my Hotpoint refrigerator?


You can turn off the water supply to the refrigerator and disconnect the water tank in the back of the refrigerator. Remove the tank and flush it out thoroughly with water to remove the rust and scale. Replace the tank.

Before turning the water supply back on, disconnect the supply line on the back of the refrigerator. Place the loose end of the supply line in a bucket and turn the water supply back on. Let the water run through the supply line to flush it out. When the water from this supply line is running clear, turn the water supply valve back off and reconnect the water supply line back onto the refrigerator.

Turn the water supply back on to the refrigerator. Run the water dispenser to try and flush out the water lines for the dispenser. Hopefully you can flush the contaminants out of the water dispenser system in this manner.

There is no way to flush the ice maker side of the water system. You will just need to let the ice maker continue to cycle and keep throwing out the bad ice until the system clears up.

If these strategies do not work, then you may have to replace the tank and water tubes in the refrigerator to eliminate the contaminants.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
June 06, 2008

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