Model #ATFB6000FS0 Frigidaire residential washers

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How do I test the control board for a Frigidaire affinity washer ATFB6000FS0?


To begin with I would like to have you run the diagnostics program for this washer. I have included a set of instructions (See below). These should step you through the process of retrieving error codes and other tests that may need to be done.

If it is an error code 62 Frigidaire typically advise us to look at error codes that are close to that number. The closest error to 62 is E 59, this is a tachometer problem. The tech sheet advises us to do test number 8. (See below).

Please perform the diagnostics for this unit and follow the instructions I have included.

If you need more assistance please resubmit question with more details. I will be looking forward to helping you again in the near future.

Note: Our imaging system is malfunctioning. I would like to apologize in advance if the attachments do not appear online.

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Landell -
Sears Technician
December 28, 2009

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