Model #AOCS3040SS-P1132348NSS Amana built-in oven, electric

  • Door/control Panel
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  • Oven Assy/bottom Insulation
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  • Outer Cabinet/racks
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  • Inner Cavity/latch/blower/bake And Broil Assy
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What does F9 mean on my Amana range?


The F9 fault code is indicating a door lock or door lock circuit failure. The latch motor gear could be slipping or not engaging in order to actually energize the micro switches when the door is closed due to the added resistance of having to pull the door closed. Generally speaking the latch assembly will likely have to be removed and replaced or it could have a failed lock or unlock micro switch too. I added an image below with some troubleshooting and test procedures of the door latch assembly and switches.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
January 05, 2010