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Question and Answers


How do I fix a burner that won't heat up on my electric smooth top range?


The wiring diagram for the burner portion of your range is shown in the first image below. Several different failures could be preventing your right rear burner from heating. You could have a failed infinite switch, a defective burner element or a wiring failure between the components. A service technician is normally needed to access and test these components. If you are completely confident that you can unplug the range and safely access the element and infinite switch, you may be able to diagnose and repair this failure yourself.

To lift the main top, follow the procedure in the second image below. NOTE: Unplug the range to disconnect electrical power before beginning this procedure. Be sure to label the wiring connections properly so that they can be reinstalled properly. Once you access the right rear burner, you can pull the wires off the element and measure the resistance across the leads of the element using a volt/ohm meter. You should measure between 44.3 to 48.9 ohms through this 1200 watt element. If not, then the element will need to be replaced. The part number for this element is 74008568. You can order this part from the Sears Parts direct website .

If the burner tests okay, then your failure is either in the infinite switch (Key 6 in the third image) or the wiring. The procedure for accessing (and replacing) the infinite switch is shown in the second image below. If you are able to access this switch (with the range still unplugged), then you can check the wiring. If you find no apparent problems, then you will need to replace the switch. The part number for this switch is 7403P238-60.

Because the left front and right rear parts are identical, a technician might interchange the suspected failed component to verify that the part is bad before ordering a new one. If you are able to safely switch component in this manner yourself, you can also verify your failure before ordering a part.

If you need more help with this repair, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician

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