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Replacement drain pump for GE washer WCVH6400J1WW Ge Washer


Hello, glad to help.  Thank You for choosing Sears We, at Sears, we value your business.
I am sorry and do understand your frustration when there is problems with the washer.
Glad to help out.  I’m looking at your GE Washer model number WCVH6400J1WW.

I' sorry but you can only use the original pump.  You cannot modify the washer with a pump of more horsepower.   Will not work continually as you would hope.

The pump #WH23X10028 is the only one that I know, will work on your model washer.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter and I hope we can help you with your future questions and repairs.  Thank you for choosing Sears and using our

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Larry Jr -
Sears Technician
September 25, 2014

I have a WCVH6400J1WW front load GE washer. the water fill valves will not open. installed new. they both get 120 volts but still will not open Ge Washer


Thank you for choosing I will be more than happy to assist you. I can understand the frustration with having an issue with you unit. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Based off the Information I’m showing the main issue it sounds like would be a Pressure switch. I would suggest to check and make sure the hose to the pressure switch hose is still connected, and without holes in it.

Next, Blow into the hose to see if there is any resistance. If so make sure there are no clogs in the hose. Last thing once everything checks out, check the ohm of the pressure switch and make sure it still has continuity.

Hope this information has helped you. If you are not comfortable doing this repair you can click here to schedule a technician or call toll free 1-800-469-4663.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you will have to post a new question. Again, thank you for choosing

SAFETY NOTICE: Be sure to disconnect power to the appliance before performing any repairs. If you are not comfortable with doing any voltage checks that might be recommended, please contact your local service provider for repairs. Be aware that there could be sharp edges inside the appliance that could cause cuts or other injuries to yourself or others.


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Samantha A -
Sears Technician
August 04, 2014

No service mode WCVH6400J1WW Ge Washer

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