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What part would cause my GE washer to stop spinning?


Several parts could cause your washer to stop spinning. Does the washer agitate? Do you hear the motor running in the spin cycle? If the motor is running, the problem is probably in the clutch, belt, or transmission. If the motor is not running, the problem could be in the lid switch, motor, timer, or wiring.

You can release the top and lift it up from the front. It is hinged on the back. Push the spring clips on each front corner by inserting a putty knife or small flat blade screwdriver into the crack between the top and the cabinet while lifting on the front of the top. Remove the screws holding the front panel to the cabinet, and lift the front panel to remove it. This will let you see if the motor and belt are turning. Don't get your hands into any moving parts.

If the motor is running and the belt is turning, the transmission is bad. You should get a technician to make the electrical tests to determine if the timer, lid switch, or motor is bad.

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Sears Technician
February 26, 2008

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