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Question and Answers


Where can I find part# 701738 "vent tube" and is it safe to use with out it?


The part that you described "honeycomb, maybe ceramic" that fell out is nothing more than a catalyst. It is designed to help eliminate smoke from exhausting out the oven vents when the unit is put into self clean. When the catalyst is super heated during the extreme high operating temperatures needed for self cleaning, it eliminates the majority of the smoke from exhausting out the oven vent tubes.

If the vent tube is still intact and not rusted through or missing it would be safe to use the bake and broil cycles, however I do not recommend using the self cleaning feature.

The part is no longer available through Sears or Whirlpool, however I found a Parts supplier on the web that appears to have them in stock for ordering.

I added a link that I found that shows to have them available.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
July 24, 2008