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Refrigerator dispenses black water after repair


I read the exchange that you had with expert Scott D and Alina F in the previous question that you submitted. I can understand your frustration with this problem. I will try to provide some tips that may help us get this resolved.

One of your responses indicated that you moved this refrigerator from another house. You also indicated that the refrigerator does not have a water filter. I verified this on the parts diagram to be correct. The reason that I mention the filter and the new water line is that these could be significant facts regarding this problem. Although there is not a filter physically inside your refrigerator, some water supply lines for refrigerators have an in-line filter installed in the supply line before it hooks up to the refrigerator. Assuming that you moved the refrigerator to a new house, I recommend that you check for that kind of in-line filter behind the refrigerator (unless you are already certain there is not one there). An in-line filter would look like the one shown in the link: Kenmore Premium Refrigerator Filter . If you see this type of in-line filter, it could have caused the black substance (in this case it would be carbon filter powder) in the water. It would not have showed up right away because there was likely still clear water in the reservoir tank in the back of the fresh food compartment. This would explain why the black water showed up the next day. This is a common problem with an in-line filter and that is why I bring it up to try and help you resolve this issue.

If you are certain that you have no in-line filter on the refrigerator water supply before it connects to the back of the refrigerator, I recommend that you try this:

  • Shut off the water supply to the refrigerator. Carefully remove the water supply line that is connected to the back of the refrigerator. Place the end of the water supply line in a bucket and briefly turn on the water supply to check for any debris or black water coming from the end of the water supply line. You may have already done this. If not, please try it so that you can verify that the water coming out of the end of the supply line is clean. If you do see any problems with the supply line water, let it run for a while to flush out the line. Since you have been running the water inside the refrigerator for a while now, the water from the supply line will likely be running clear but it is worth checking.

Once you have verified that you have clear water running from the supply line, I recommend that you reconnect the supply line and open the water supply cut-off valve fully to restore water service to the refrigerator.

Try flushing a couple of gallons of water through the water dispenser as constantly as possible to see if the water through the dispenser eventually runs clear. If it does then you likely had some type of debris or deposits in the line that are now gone after flushing out the system. Once you get rid of the black water inside the water system of the refrigerator, I doubt that it will return since you verified that you are getting clear water through the water supply in back of the refrigerator.

I hope that these troubleshooting tips make sense. Even though you indicated that you do not have a filter on this refrigerator, carbon dust from a water filter is the most common cause of this problem. It would be unusual for there to be any other causes. The new water valve would not cause this problem. A photograph of this part is shown in the image below. Water simply goes into the valve, through the valve body and out. I am certain that this part cannot cause the problem that you are having. This valve is supplied by GE (General Electric). I don't exactly know the country of origin but that should not matter in this case.

Let me know if you need more help with this problem. I will be glad to assist you as much as possible.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
August 28, 2010

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