Model #TBX21JISSRAD GE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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I have GE refrigerator TBX21JISSRAD. Where is the dip pan located on this model. & how do i remove the dip pan. please help.


During the hot humid summer a refrigerator drip pan may collect more water than desired. While you wait for the expert to review your model, you might check the two links below for some additional help. The first link is the link to the schematics at Sears Parts Direct. The second is to the support and FAQ's at the GE website. I hope some of this information proves helpful.

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Barbara H. -
September 04, 2011

The drip pan on your refrigerator is made into the base support the compressor mounts on. It is not a removable pan like most refrigerators have.

If you will go to Parts Direct and enter the model of the refrigerator, you can see the parts diagram and list for the refrigerator. Select the "unit" page and you will see item 751 is called a unimount. This part includes the drip pan. You will also see the part is no longer available.

You can clean the drip pan by wrapping a cloth around a yardstick (or something similar) and cleaning underneath the condenser coil and compressor. You can access the pan by removing the grill under the refrigerator door and the compressor compartment cover on the rear of the cabinet. This is a difficult and tedious job.

If you have questions, reply on this thread and I will be glad to help.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
September 06, 2011
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