Model #SRD4900 SYLVANIA dvd/vcr combo

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How do I get a stuck DVD out of my SRD4900 DVD/VCR combo?


I recommend sending it in for service or taking it to your local shop because it will need to be opened. There is no quick release for the tray.

If that is not an option, and you are comfortable taking the cover off then you can check to see if the DVD mechanism is uncovered. From the exploded view in the service manual it looks like you need to take 4 screws off and it should be right there in front of you so you can grab it. It doesn't sound like your DVD killed the player but you will at least have the disk back. If its still covered, I'd let someone else go further.

Unplug and don’t touch anything but the DVD. Remember not to force anything, and you can damage your player even further break a guide tab or scratch the lens.

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