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My SB30 Weed Eater Blower Will Only Run For Five Seconds On Full Choke Then Cuts Off. Will not Start At All With No Choke. Help


There are several things that can be the cause the Weed Eater blower to die out. I am providing a few links with similar issues with blowers, hope this helps while an expert answers your question.

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Anna T -
June 03, 2012

I'm sorry to hear that your leaf blower sill not stay running. The first thing to do is to drain and rinse out the fuel tank. Take the necessary safety precautions when working with fuel and be sure to wear eye protection. Drain the tank and then flush and drain it again with fuel that is less than five months old. Fill the blower with properly mixed, fresh fuel and then try and start it.

If the blower will not run, I advise replacing the fuel lines. The blower will have to be opened up to get to the tank and lines and I have included an exploded diagram attached at the end of this reply, for your assistance. I recommend taking digital pictures as you disassemble the blower, to aid in reassembly.

Here is a video that describes the way that two cycle engine fuel lines are installed. It is not specific to your model, but the concept is the same.

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Jerry C

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Jerry C -
Sears Technician
June 05, 2012
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