Model #RBD305PRB00 WHIRLPOOL built-in oven, electric

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Whirlpool electric double oven #RBD305PRB00 was struck by lighting & now doesn't respond/work at all. Voltage to circuit breaker is fine.


It is possible that the electronic clock control board or the power transformer for that control board in the oven was damaged by that lightning strike. There is a thermal fuse in the power supply line for that control board. The wiring diagram for the oven is shown in the first image below. You can shut off the house circuit breaker for the oven and pull it out of the cabinet. You can check that fuse for the control board first. The location of components is shown in the second image. You should be able to remove the top panel above the control to access that fuse and other components. Here is a video that shows how to check that fuse using a volt/ohm meter: Thermal Fuse Testing . If that thermal fuse is okay, you can use proper safety equipment (electrical rubber safety gloves) and check the voltage supply to the control board.

NOTE: You should only perform live voltage checks if you are completely confident in your technical ability to safely measure that live voltage using proper safety equipment . If in doubt, I recommend that you have a service technician diagnose and repair this oven failure. Here is a link for the Sears Service website in case you need it: Sears Home Services .

You can also check power going to the transformer. If the transformer is getting AC power from the control, then you should be getting DC voltage (24 volts DC) from the output of that transformer. If the control board is getting DC voltage from the transformer but will not light up, then it will need to be replaced.

You can order parts from the Sears PartsDirect website.

These tips should help you determine the cause of this oven failure. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
October 31, 2011

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