Model #R-5H06 SHARP Countertop Microwave

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Question and Answers


Intermittently, when not using it, the display flashes 8's. I have to reset the time. What causes this?


Something is interrupting the ac voltage to the microwave. More than likely it is a loose connection on a wire in the incoming power line.

To repair it someone would need to remove the cover and carefully move or shake the wires in this circuit. If you are lucky you will move the loose wire and cause the display to go out or flash 8's. Sometimes in moving the wires the connection improves and the problem goes away for awhile. That is why the wires need to be moved carefully.

A technician would look at a wiring schematic to determine which wires can cause the problem.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
June 10, 2008