Model #PT-51HX42F PANASONIC Projection/Digital 42" and above TV

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Color distortion PT-51HX42F Panasonic Ptv

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Alina -
May 04, 2013

Thank you for contacting Sears Parts Direct with your concerns about the color distortion on your Panasonic TV. I am so sorry to hear that is happening. That can be really distracting when you are trying to enjoy you programs. I will be happy to work on a solution to this with you.

First I recommend starting with the basics. Make sure all of your cables are securely attached. Check them for any damage. Also make sure all the vents on the TV are clean and free of dust and debris. A loose cable or clogged vents can cause the TV to overheat which in turn can cause distortion of the picture, including color distortion.

In your projection TV, the image is formed by projecting 3 different color images (red, green and blue) onto the screen. When the images are properly aligned (converged), you have a sharp, vibrant color picture. Due to the effects of the earth's magnetic field, sometimes the images may need alignment. Follow the instructions in the set-up menu section of your manual to correct the color fringing using your TV's remote control. I have included the link to order the manual in case you no longer have yours.

Owner's Manual for  Panasonic TV model PT-51HX42F.

You may be also able to resolve the display irregularities by using a large magnetic coil. Another way magnetization can occur is when electronic devices have been left on top of or too close to the TV for an extended period of time. This magnetization can cause oddly-shaped, random color blotches on the screen. To demagnetize the screen display, remove the electronic devices that may have caused the problem. Wave the magnetic coil close to the front of your TV in slow, large circles. Make sure the entire face of the TV has been exposed to the magnetic coil.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, you may need to replace the CRT assemblies (Cathode Ray Tubes) or the convergence ICs (intergrated circuit). Your TV has a CRT for blue, green and red. I have included the links to order the CRTs. If it is an IC you may need a technician to determine which IC(s) you need. The ICs are the most complicated part of the TV to diagnose when fault finding.

Blue CRT assembly for Panasonic TV model PT-51HX42F.
Green CRT assembly for Panasonic TV model PT-51HX42F.
Red CRT assembly for Panasonic TV model PT-51HX42F.

If you are not able to converge the image following the steps in the manual, I recommend calling for service on your TV. There are parts in the TV that can be hazardous if not handled properly. A technician will diagnose the problem, order the needed parts and then come back and install them for you. If you would like in home service you can contact our service department on our website or by calling 1-800-4-MY-HOME (469-4663).

If I can be of further assistance, please respond to this thread. Thank you for choosing Sears, we appreciate your business.

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Rachel Morgan -
Sears Technician
May 06, 2013
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