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I have a poulan pro lawn tractor model ppr2042stc I need help


Thank you for your question.

I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. It sounds like you have narrowed the problem down to a fuel issue. I recommend checking the fuel supply to the carburetor first. To do this move the tractor to a well ventilated area. Then place an approved container under the carburetor. Once it is in place, remove the fuel line from the carburetor, and place it in the container. Then monitor the flow out of the hose. If the flow slows to a trickle, I recommend checking the fuel cap. The cap has a vent that can plug up. If the flow is ok, reconnect the line. The problem will be with the solenoid or the carburetor fuel inlet. I recommend checking the fuel solenoid on the bottom of the carburetor. First, remove the wires going to the solenoid. Then use a 1/2 inch wench to remove the solenoid. If no gas spilled, you can connect the solenoid to the wires. Then sit on the tractor and turn the key on. The plunger of the solenoid should pull in the whole time the key is on. If the plunger stays in for ten minutes, I suspect it is fine. If it fails, you can order the solenoid from the following link. Craftsman tractor parts

I hope this is helpful. If you need further assistance, please reply below with more details.

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Mark T -
Sears Technician
June 04, 2012

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