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Question and Answers


Can compressor damage result from the refrigerator or freezer door being left open overnight?


It would be very rare for the compressor to be damaged from a door being left cracked open overnight. The most common issue is to have an ice buildup on the freezer fan housing. The buzzing noise is most often the fan blades hitting this ice buildup. This is a very simple problem to verify without the assistance of a service professional.

The best way to check this is to remove the freezer fan cover in the rear of the freezer section. If this is not a task you are able to perform, the refrigerator can be turned off to allow the ice to melt.

Precautions must be taken to protect the product inside the refrigerator from spoiling. There is also the possibility of water from the melting ice damaging the floors if water drains out of the unit while turned off. If the refrigerator is turned off leave the doors open. This will speed the thawing process and allow any odors to be minimized.

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Sears Technician
June 08, 2007

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